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At La Tortilla Cooking School you will learn interesting facts about Central America and its multifaceted food culture, cook up authentic Central American dishes, make friends with our local culinary instructors who will charm you with their personal stories and expert local knowledge, enjoy your own creations with newfound friends. You will learn more than just how to cook, you will learn about Central American culture!
This class will help you understand how our Mayan culture and Spanish colonial influence blended together in a perfect harmony through food, each recipe is demonstrated and explained so that you will have a complete understanding of the ingredients and process of mixing, blending, and cooking so you can come away with all the skills you need to prepare them in your own kitchen.

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What a better way to explore a country and culture than to taste their cuisine? In one of our delicious workshops you will learn how to become a real cook!
What better way of exploring a country and its culture than to explore its cuisine?